Thursday, February 16, 2006

Expressing an Emotion - The Art Of Writing Poetry

Expressing an Emotion – The Art of Writing Poetry

Writing poetry is an art, a way of expression and finding meaning in few words.  A melody of passion flowing out onto the pages, words that flow into each other and yet express the inner most thoughts and feelings of those who read the words.  Writing poetry is a gift, a wonderful gift, being able to illuminate words so that they form a picture, express a feeling and share a thought in so few words.  Unlike telling a story or writing a novel that explains every intricate detail a poem leaves you to draw your own conclusion.  Writing poetry can be a healing process, putting down on paper all the emotions locked up inside ones head, a way of remembering and a way of re-living.  Poetry has many forms from free verse to sonnet but all poems tell a story, a story of words, words wrapped around each other in such away that they flow together, locked in meaning.  The poem “Playing” is one of my favourites and every time I read this poem, I cannot help but smile.  See if you smile.


Running gently
Screams of laughter
Looking back
I see you smile
Golden hair
Such bright blue eyes
Once a baby
In my arms

Laughing harder
Running around
Two years old
I feel so proud
Golden hair
And eyes so blue
You call “Mummy Mummy”
Come play too

Copyright © Amanda Evans

Poetry can also portray emotions of hurt and betrayal, unrequited love, loss and great suffering.  Just putting these feelings onto paper helps to unburden the mind and the heart.  Offloading the grief one feels, if only for a moment.  The next two poems titled “Dreams” and “Suicide” display emotions of loss and sorrow.  They are a complete contrast to the above poem “Playing” filled with laughter and happiness.  


Crystal moons
And dancing stars
Images of place
So near yet so far
Staring for hours
As the night passes by
My life at a standstill
I painfully cry
No grand illusions
No place to go
Destined to stay here
This I now know
Lost are the dreams
You and me side by side
Gone now forever
With you they died

Copyright © Amanda Evans


The power to suppress
The pain and the loss
The tears and the sadness
The grief inside
Lying there
Sleep please, oh sleep
The memories suppressed
No power to deal
With the pain that you caused
The gap no one can fill
Your selfish act
Leaves me broken
Afraid to love
Afraid to live
Through suppression I survive
Suicide not only killed you

Copyright © Amanda Evans

Many of the worlds great poets wrote about loss and pain, Shakespeare’s Sonnets spoke of love “Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s Day” and Emily Dickinson’s poetry was about death “Because I could not stop for death, He kindly stopped for me”, all contained great emotions and sadness that could be felt by the reader.  Having the ability to express your feelings through poetry is an exceptional gift and a gift that you should embrace and nurture.  The internet provides a vast amount of poetry sites where you can submit your poetry for critique and review.  You can join workshops and receive expert help and advice or even help others.   There are also numerous courses available via distance learning that you can take.  Learning as much as you can about the art of poetry, will greatly increase your chances of becoming a recognised poet.

Expressing emotions through the art of poetry can be very daunting.  Poems will always be clear to the author it is only when the reader understands the meaning that it can truly be called a poem.  

Amanda Evans is the author of the newly published “From Those Death Left Behind” a collection of poetry and stories describing the grief and emotions of a family that lost a member to suicide.  This book can be purchased at or from Amazon.